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We provide Web Solutions to help organisations grow and meet their full potential. We understand that each of our customers has different needs and that the solution will need to be tailored for them. We offer a range of services include website design & development, SEO and back office integration of ecommerce and B2B websites.

As a software house, we have been developing commercial application for over 25 years. By combine great design with solid commercial development experience, we create websites that are both elegant and functionally rich. This enhances your business processes and gives you a competitive advantage.

Integrating your online presence with your back office applications and other online services will help to streamline your business and allow you to function more competently in challenging markets.

Our range of Web based Solutions

As a company grows and matures, its use of web technologies changes, starting from a simple website advertising the organisation presence, to a complex mix of websites, services and other collaborative technologies. Each business takes its own path due to its industry sector and its growth. No matter which stage your organisation is at, Soltec can provide you with a range of offering to help you meet your business needs and goals.

Below are some examples of the different options available to you, when creating the right solution for you, it may involve elements from different types of web services:

Brochure Websites
In general these are simple websites designed to advertise the organisation, by providing information about the company and its products & services, with some contact details. The simplest of these are single statics web page. This type of website is used by people feel they should have an online presence but are not ready or able to provide online services.
Contact Managed Websites
These websites allow the site owners to maintain the content of the website without the need to involve a developer. In some cases these are still Brochure websites but they tend to be much larger and provide some level of user interaction.
Ecommerce Websites
Ecommerce websites vary in size from basic web shops using services like PayPal and Google Checkout, through to mid range ecommerce websites using software like AspDotNetStorefront to vary large and complex tailor designed online businesses. The choose between basic and midrange online shops is general based on how serious the business is about being an online business.

The tailor made ecommerce website should only be considered if the business rules are too complex to be achieved in the midrange solution, these are expensive sites and are generally written to meet a single customer’s needs. It is common to find midrange and tailored ecommerce websites being integrated with other systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, warehouse systems and third parties. Common example of integration with third parties is with organisations like eBay and Google Shop, increasing the visibility of your products and services.

Corporate Websites
A Corporate website is an extension of a brochure site, but provide for more information about the organisation and very little about its products and service. The product and services are generally covered by separate website(s). Typical information found on these sites is details for shareholders and press.
Business to Business (B2B) websites
These websites are a variation on the ecommerce websites, but tend to be simpler in design and the payment is normally done through invoicing rather than online payment. The goal of these sites is you allow other business to order large number of items quickly. The customers of these sites general already know the products and services on offer and expect to be able to order multiple products on a single screen.
Web Services
There are some times referred to as XML services, but not all online services use xml.

Many of use uses web services every day without knowing it. One of the commonest examples is Rich Site Summary (RSS), many organisations use theses to provide news feeds to interested parties.

More complex examples can be found with the interaction with financial organisations, in these cases decisions are made via these services on things like insurance policies or finance. These allow business to sell or provide services from a third party via an automated process.
Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the ranking of a web page or site within the search engine results page (SERP). There are many factors which influence the rank of a page for a given term some of these relate directly to the page or website, others are external factors. SEO is a form of marketing, like other marketing mediums this takes time and money to product results and should be considered as an on-going process of improvements and re-valuation.

Web based Services and Solutions

We offer a range of web base services and solutions, whether your needs are for an intranet, internet or a mix of both, we can develop a solution to meets your individual requirements.


  • Microsoft Silver Competencies in Content Management, Data Platform, Midmarket Solution Provider and Server Platform
  • Dell PartnerDirect
  • We proved Sage development to extend the functionality of Sage 50 and to enhance the functionality of Sage 200.
  • Jet Reports
  • AspDotNetStorefront
  • equisys
  • ZetaDocs
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